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Americana Chairs

Take A Seat offer a full service with our Americana chairs where we wash, deliver, set-up and and dismantle after your event finishes, no fuss no muss! We also have the D.I.Y option for our clients to collect and drop off the chairs at a discounted rate with no set-up and dismantle fee.



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Chair Covers

If there is one thing that Take A Seat knows, its chair covers! We have two types of chair covers that we offer; lycra/spandex and Satin. We offer full service with our chair covers where we wash, deliver, set-up and dismantle after your event finishes. Take A Seat also offer a D.I.Y option for our chair covers where our clients are able to collect, set-up and return after their event finishes. This service excludes the set-up / dismantle fee.



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Take A Seat has a variety of coloured Satin and Organza Sashes that are brilliant for highlighting the colour scheme of an event. Take A Seat pride themselves in providing ironed and pressed sashes which are all individually prepared. Why not browse our products to see our entire range?



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