Take A Seat | How to get the BEST price!

How to get the BEST price!


This morning when scrolling through social media sites, it become quite obvious to me that not only are people paying more and more for event specialists because of their amazing portfolios and great reputation but they are also becoming frustrated with their prices constantly changing on them. This is not only annoying to some but also unfair to existing and prospective clients paying more or less than the next person.

So what are some useful ways to completely avoid this and get the upper hand? Well here are a few pointers.

1. Ask.

Yes sounds simple enough, but if you are to ask your wedding or event provider if their prices are subject to change you will avoid the ‘SURPRISE’ you just paid more than you needed to or the ‘SURPRISE’ you didn’t know it at the time, but you just got one hell of a bargain. In any case if you are able to come to an agreement with you event specialist about matching your invoice price to their ‘future’ reduced ones or agreeing to a fixed price if they are scheduled to increase you are on the right track.

2. Existing Relationships

See if your wedding or event provider have any existing relationships with venues, this is a MUST! Chances are if they do, they will have a contract between them offering an exclusive price to their clients, this could mean $100’s off!

3. Price Matching

Does your wedding or event specialist price match? How much are they willing to beat it by? Some specialists will not budge on their prices, sometimes this can be due to the high demand of their service. This is why a small business can be your best friend when planning an event. Small businesses ‘reputable’ small businesses will usually undercut the major companies, well, because they can afford to. They don’t have excessive running costs that include, staff, vehicles, shop fronts etc etc. A lot of these businesses can be found in local pages, social media sites and on-line wedding directories.

4. Budget

Tell them your budget! If you walk into a meeting with a wedding or event specialist with an idea of what you want and a price attached to that, they will work with you. Businesses don’t want to lose business, so if they are giving you options and not just pushing you out the door saying ‘sorry we couldn’t accommodate you needs’ stick with them, they genuinely want to help.

It is as simple as that!

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